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“I have had the pleasure of getting to know an extraordinary number of talented and hard-working chefs; in my opinion, Behzad is one of the most passionate, skilled and ground- breaking chefs I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know.[…]


I first had the pleasure of meeting Behzad through mutual friends and was fortunate enough to hear his story first hand... to say that it was inspirational would be an enormous understatement. Following this initial meeting, I worked closely with Behzad to plan and execute an iteration of Story Course, a pop up dinner series showcasing the stories and contributions of immigrant chefs (and featured in the New York Times).


 Having already been thoroughly impressed by his high character and determination to build a life for himself here in the United States, I was even further moved by the caliber of his food. Rarely has a chef’s personal story shone through in their cuisine in the way that Behzad’s does; I strongly believe that given the opportunity to continue to build his skills and craft here in America we as a country will bear the benefits of his continued growth.” – Tom Colicchio, Founder, Crafted Hospitality

“I first met Chef Jamshidi while producing Dwell, an immersive performance and community feast with Ritual Collective, an arts organization recently featured in the New York Times. As the Creative Producer, it was critical to me that we find a chef who could not only cook an exquisite feast for one hundred and twenty guests on a meager budget, but who could imbue the menu with the event’s central theme--the elusive nature of home.


To say Chef Jamshidi surpassed all expectations would be a wild understatement. His food transformed the entire event, taking strangers and knitting them together into an intimate community. As I quickly discovered, that is Chef Jamshidi’s greatest gift--to create communities through every meal he designs.” – Amy Taylor Rosenblum, Creative Producer, Ritual Collective

“I had the distinct pleasure of working with Behzad when I engaged him to cook at an event in NYC for a few hundred VIP delegates as part of a Destination Canada showcase. Behzad was a true pleasure to work with and his food was outstanding.

 I also appreciated his work ethic and the fact that he was very thoughtful and personable during his interactions with guests. When I was looking for chefs to showcase during this event, everyone I spoke to in the industry highly recommended Behzad, and they were spot on” – Eric Pateman, President, Edible Canada

I have never before, witnessed a work ethic like Behzad’s. He has helped teach me what true dedication looks like and seeing him focused on the pursuit of something great has been an inspiration and a personal reminder to me about how we have the ability to create any life we want, if we’re willing to do the work. He is as driven as anyone I know. – Chris Kennedy, General Manager, Beach House Restaurant

Behzad was highly interactive with both guests and staff, and was both consistent and passionate with how he impacted our company. Behzad both possesses the knowledge and skill that I have seen in some of the best young Chef’s. Any kitchen would be lucky to have his services in even the smallest capacity. - Mardy Ra, Executive Chef, Pacific Yacht Charters

“Chef Behzad has such a story, and has one of the greatest culinary talents Brian and I have experienced. He not only deeply understands how to create a delicious dish and incorporate it into the story, but he has an indelibly creative mind, and is a uniquely collaborative spirit. He will be essential to our next production not only for his technical abilities, but for his unique ability to bring an original Iranian migration story to life through an emotionally rich and comprehensive dinner experience.


We believe we can tell an emotional story through food, with a narrative arc, and also, enable guests to examine their own identity, and perhaps even be kinder, more open, accepting individuals. Having completed a series of workshops with Chef Behzad, and sourcing guest feedback - all of which praised his culinary and storytelling talents - we are confident that he is our next star of Story Course.” – Adam Kantor, Co-founder, Story Course

“Throughout my time working with Behzad, I experienced one of the brightest, most passionate and hardest working individuals I have experienced. It is not often that a Chef gets to put his or her own personal touch into our menu.  Despite this, Behzad found areas of the business where he was able to plan, design and execute numerous events.

His desire to go above and beyond what is regularly expected of a Chef has driven him to be known as one of the top young chefs in our community.

Behzad continues to strive for the top, and will become one of the names aspiring Chefs mention around the type of food they would like to serve.  As well, Behzad will be known for the type of leadership most effective in a kitchen.” – Steve Binning, Regional Chef, Earls Restaurant

Behzad will always exceed expectation. His ability to transform and translate his Persian cuisine for the demanding New York fine dining community is unparalleled. Right now, Middle Eastern cuisine is taking the Food & Dining industry by storm (with restaurants such as Suraya in Philadelphia being named the best in the city), and as a professional in the industry who has worked in the most demanding city in the world with some of the most demanding chefs in the industry, I can strongly say that Behzad is poised to be THE voice of Persian food in this country and beyond. I have no doubt that he will be the go-to expert in all things Persian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Truly, there is no one of either his creative or intellectual caliber in food right now and I am excited to see how much more he will achieve. - Mindy Lvoff, Food & Beverage Consultant

"Cooking at the Beard House is strictly by invitation and based on merit. I am in charge of identifying chefs who are at the top of the culinary industry and who are worthy of this privileged invitation. In my experience, chef Jamshidi possess very unique skills, from his fine dining training and background to the way he incorporates his heritage into a fusion of new and exciting flavors. His cooking is unlike anything else I have come across in the United States." Izabela Wojcik, Director of Programming, James Beard Foundation